TV Installation Services and Flat Screen TV Wallmounting

Flat Screen TV Installation and TV Wallmounting

tv installation brightonAre you aware that in most cases, to enjoy the best viewing experience, flat screen televisions should be wall mounted? With the trend in flat panel televisions leading to larger sizes, caution should be exercised in their mounting. Different wall materials require different mounting methods in order to prevent potentially disastrous results.

At A&S, our professional installers can advise you on the most suitable fixing method and which type of mounting or wall bracket is most suitable for your requirements.


Cable Management and Wireless Integrated Entertainment Systems

We can also provide cable management solutions to enhance the visual aspects of the installation and home integration solutions for maximum convenience and flexibility.

To enjoy a home cinema experience with surround sound audio contact us now.

Wireless audio systems that can be controlled by your smart phone or tablet, slingboxes that allow you to watch your Sky programmes from anywhere in the word, complete home integration systems that allow you to control everything in your home from switching on the lights to remote control of the central heating or alarm system. The technology is available now. Let us help.

TV Setup Services

The latest models of televisions can be quite daunting to set up for the first time, and we understand that not everyone is savvy when it comes to new technologies. Whether you have a new smart TV that requires internet connection, or you just need a standard installation and demonstration of how the menu system works, A&S are here to assist you.