Digital TV Aerials and Freeview Aerials

TV Aerials & Freeview Aerials

It can often be difficult for you to choose the right TV aerial for your property. There are numerous TV aerials available to you nowadays, but the aerial you choose may not be suitable. Some ‘high gain’ aerials, for instance, have poor corrosion resistance and are unsuitable for coastal areas. Others are excessively large and of poor build quality and have a tendency to fall apart in high winds. A&S therefore provide and fit the latest digital TV aerials and freeview aerials that provide great quality digital television viewing.

At A&S we offer a free estimate service, we attend your property, assess your signal strength and quality, and draw on our extensive experience to recommend the very best aerial installation to suit your individual requirements based on both signal levels and location.

Our vans always carry an extensive stock of materials, meaning we always have the parts needed ‘on board’ should you require the work there and then.

There are two distinct types of aerials we recommend for most standard installations.

Standard digital tv aerials are recommended for most standard properties in strong to medium signal areas. Reasonable gain with low wind loading.
digital tv aerials brighton

Forward Gain 12.5dBi to 12.9dBi
Front/Back Ratio >17dB
Acceptance Angle deg ± <23°
Windage N (at 130km/h) 61N to 65N
Length 975mm to 1085mm
Our high gain wideband digital aerial is excellent all round aerial, good signal gain. Durable, low corrosion weather-proof construction with low wind loading. Our recommendation for most properties.
digital tv aerial brighton
Forward Gain 14.5dBi
Front/Back Ratio >21dB
Acceptance Angle deg ± <21°
Windage N (at 130km/h) 68N
Length 870mm