tv points
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When we walk down the street and look up to the rooftops, we can see that some have more than one TV aerial. The most common reason why some houses have multiple TV aerials on the property is because the extra aerials were installed after the original one had been fitted, as the homeowner had requested that another room in the home was fitted with a TV point.

Other times, the aerial fitter himself has recommended installing another Television Aerial as it is much more profitable for him than giving a better (and cheaper) solution to the client: putting a simple signal splitter onto the coax cable and then running a new cable into the room.

Definitely, the best option is to have a single quality TV aerial on the property, as it will reduce the probability of an aerial going down due to external factors, such as strong winds or storms. In addition, your house’s roof will look much tidier as it will have fewer antennas protruding off the chimney stack. If we decide to use an amplified splitter, you can have as many TV points as you want, with a very good strong and quality signal. A very good example is a communal block of several apartments, in which there are multiple properties and all of them use the same TV aerial. So, considering these factors it is always better to have a unique TV aerial for several TV points in a domestic property.

If you are considering checking your TV aerial installations but you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact expert TV aerial engineers. They will advise you about the best option available to you.