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When we decide to install a satellite dish at home, one aspect that we always take into account is the location in which we place it, and we always try to unify style and utility. In this article we will try to provide some tips to keep your satellite dish discreet.

1. Install the satellite dish on the chimney

The chimney is usually one of best places to install a satellite dish if we want to hide it from view. However, there needs to be the correct combination of a chimney and a roof angle where the satellite dish itself can be hidden. But we must not forget that the most important thing is the signal, which has to be received without any interference, so this setup not always a possible option.

2. Set the satellite dish on the floor

Did you know that it is possible to install a satellite dish at ground level? The only thing that we need to consider is that the lower you set it, the higher the probability of there being obstacles like trees, buildings etc.

3. Use a non penetrating roof mount

This option could be perfect in the case that you have a flat roof. These are usually placed on the flat surface and held down by weights called ballast blocks, which are usually made out of concrete. Again, we need to ensure that when installing your satellite dish, there isn’t any obstacle that can block the signal.

4. Inside a courtyard

If you decide to install the satellite dish inside an internal courtyard or patio area, most commonly a base and a vertical pole are installed onto which the dish can be mounted. If you prefer not to drill into your patio and if you do not have decking, this could be fixed directly onto a slab and mounted onto a flat surface. There are multiple solutions for all problems!

5. And we will always have the paint!

To the question of: “Can I paint my satellite dish?” The answer is yes, of course! So if you are not sure about installing the dish in any place mentioned, you will always be able to paint it in the most suitable colour to make it more camouflaged and discreet. If you decide to paint it, we recommend using non-metallic car paint.

Hopefully you have found this article interesting and don’t forget, if you have any doubt regarding your satellite dish, contact us!